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Storm Group Siding - Frequently Asked Questions

​​How long will James Hardie last?​

Most James Hardie siding products come standard with a 30-year transferable warranty, showing the confidence that James Hardie siding products will last much longer than wood based sidings. Since James Hardie is not wood or vinyl, it will not crack, warp, or swell like wood siding, is insect repellent, non-combustible, and impact resistant.

Do James Hardie products need to be painted?

Mostly no. James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology is a factory applied finish that comes “baked in” with the color of your choosing. However, if you’d like to paint in your own way, you can order James Hardie ready for paint and pre-primed. 

What is James Hardie siding made of?

A time-tested combination of Wood fibers, Portland cement, and sand.

What is the warranty?

James Hardie panels are 30 year warranty; 15 years on preferable ColorPlus.

Is James Hardie fiber-cement siding eco-friendly?

Yes. Because of the materials in fiber-cement, it is considered an environmentally conscious product. Fiber-cement is more eco-friendly than wood siding or even vinyl siding products, which have fossil fuels in their make up. James Hardie® products are unique in that they combine durability and visual appeal, and considered “eco-sustainable and green.” Only James Hardie delivers the trusted level of quality, durability and peace-of-mind that make it such a leading product. James Hardie supports the vast home building industry’s efforts in creating sustainable materials, homes, and neighborhoods.

Can just anyone install James Hardie siding?

No, not if you want it done right. While any given siding contractor can tell you that they can install James Hardie siding products, we encourage you to choose a siding contractor that has experience and knowledge that comes with installing the product, especially ColorPlus. Plus, the warranty will only honored if installed by a trained professional.

How much does James Hardie siding cost?

Siding your home with James Hardie siding products will depend on several factors: the type of James Hardie siding products you choose to use, the size of your home, and the complexity of the job. Contact us today and one of our siding professionals will meet at your home to arrange a no-obligation estimate so that we can give a quote customized to your budget and siding needs.

Do you have to remove my old siding?

Possibly. If you have damaged siding on your home, it can sometimes reveal issues under the siding and potentially previous construction techniques that have contributed to the decay. In our inspection evaluation, we can determine if a removal of existing siding is necessary. After that evaluation and assessment, we can recommend the best course of action to protect your home and to make your home more energy efficient.

Does the finish fade?

James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology finish standards for color variance accuracy are three times stricter than the acceptable level for most “hardware store” paints, and have tighter controls than the automotive industry.

How well is your crew trained?

The Storm Group Siding crew is all factory trained by James Hardie®, and we require that they also attend and complete ongoing training programs. They must know every aspect of the James Hardie® “best practices” manual. For instance, they must memorize all of the nailing sequences before being allowed to work with our clients.

What kind of equipment do the crews use?

It’s important to use a specially designed blade by James Hardie® to cut all the materials. We also use a custom vacuum system in connection with the saws to prevent dust from blowing around.

What kind of caulk do you use?

At Storm Group, we use only James Hardie approved caulking that has been has been color matched to all ColorPlus siding and related products, so that the caulking matches the siding panels, etc.

How do you clean up the job sites?

Storm Group Siding knows that it’s not very attractive to have a big dumpster parked in your yard for a few days, so have removable trailers that haul the waste away on a daily basis. We simply leave the yard in better condition than we left it.

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